About Dali

 20 years since its inception, Dali Group has always been committing to its social responsibility during its continuous development, and has made considerable contribution to economic growth, employment, charity, and other social welfare.


Until 2014, the Group has established 18 subsidiaries in 16 provinces nationwide, and a total of 30 food and beverage production facilities. From investment on production facilities to corporate development, the Group plays an active role in driving the local economy and creating jobs. 

As a large-scale food manufacturer, a large amount of raw material is delivered to Dali's production facilities every day. The demand for agricultural products like eggs, flour and Chinese herbal medicine are especially large, and the strong demand substantially boost the local economy and help create new jobs.

Western China is high in altitude and enjoys the advantages of long day hours, substantial temperature difference between day and night, and free of pollution. The environment is appropriate for large scale plantation of potatoes. Dali's potato powder production facility in Gansu helps the local farmers become well off by growing potatoes and this helps the development of local economy.

Dali actively devotes in charity activities and keeps contributing to the society during the course of development. Charity donation is included in the annual budget of the Group and an independent institution is set up to manage the charity funds. All our efforts finally made a big step forward. Until 2014, Dali has donated over RMB500 million and has been awarded the "China Charity Award" twice by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

  • Dali Group Xu Shihui Hui'an Education Fund Donation Ceremony

  • Liangzhou District Xinhua Dali Primary School Inauguration Ceremony

  • Dali Group Xu Shihui Wuwei Education Fund Founding Conference

Our engagement in charity activities reflects our responsibility to the society. Due to the company's efforts, charity has become more and more popular and is already a common acknowledgment of the society.

Education is always the key element in upbringing the future generations. Dali puts education at a much honored place and keeps promoting this traditional culture. We appreciate the importance of education and continue to make contributions in education. We contributed RMB200 million to establish "Dali Group Xu Shihui Hui'an Education Fund", which is the largest charity donation in history of Hui'an County. We take actions to boost the sustainable development of education in our founding place.

In 2006, the Group launched "Care for the West Charity Donation Project" and donated RMB5 million for local education and hygiene infrastructure to the Liangzhou District of Wuwei City in Gansu Province. In 2008, Chairman Xu Shihui donated RMB90 million to set up "Dali Group Xu Shihui Wuwei Education Fund", "Dali Group Xu Shihui Dehui Education Fund", and "Dali Group Xu Shihui Hanchuan Education Fund", to continuously assist financially disadvantaged students and reward top performance students and teachers. These education funds provide strong support for fostering local talents and improving local education. In 2011, Dali Group contributed RMB200 million to establish "Dali Group Xu Shihui Hui'an Education Fund", which is the largest charity donation in the history of Hui'an County. We take actions to boost the sustainable development of education in our founding place.

  • A fully equippend
    senior activity center

  • Senior respecting banquet has held in
    the Dali century hotel

  • Seniors receive the senior
    respecting fund

As old saying goes: "Filial piety comes first in all virtues." Filial piety is a traditional virtue of the Chinese society. Dali has always been devoting to elderly care development in its founding place. In 2003, Dali Group donated RMB12 million to the construction of a well-equipped Hui'an Elderly Club House, which improved the life quality for the local elder citizens. Since 2010, Dali Group has been donating nearly RMB10 million every year as pension to the retirees. Over the past five years, the number of retirees who have received the pension reached about 31,000 people.

  • 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake disaster stricken area donation ceremony

  • Relief supplies arrive in the disaster stricken area in the first time

  • Motivating the staff to donate to the disaster stricken area

Love is shown at most after catastrophes. Dali provided food and drinks support to the disaster-hit areas. We offered our support without any delay to Wenchuan in 2008, to the southwest drought-plagued area and earthquake-hit area Yushu in 2010, to the earthquake-hit area Ya'an in 2013, and to the earthquake-hit area Ludian in 2014.

  On May 12, 2008, when the devastating earthquake struck Wenchuan, our Chengdu branch immediately took action and sent a support team to the earthquake-hit area. In the morning of May 13, the truck fleet arrived at Dujiangyan, delivering supporting food and drinks to the earthquake-hit area. Our support turned out to be the very first help the earthquake-area received from enterprises.


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